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The "3 Phases" of Globe Electric Company

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Globe Electric Company Inc has been providing the industry with electric motor and pump repair, sales, and design for over 85 years! Founded in 1931, Globe Electric has grown with the industry and the new challenges that technological advancements bring.

Trust Our Extensive Experience

Globe Electric has a deep history in providing the steel, textile, mining, and chemical industries in and around Western Pennsylvania with all of their electrical apparatus needs.

Our 15,000 square foot facility and 10-ton lifting capability allow us to meet your needs. We also offer free pickup and delivery by our own trucks.

We Stay on Top of Your Needs

Each industry has its own unique needs and requirements, and we have the flexibility to stay on top of our customers' demands.

Our sales staff has the tools at hand to provide your company with the unique electrical motor and apparatus needs your specific industry requires.
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We are a longstanding member of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association.
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